Where does the word chichi comes from?
What does it mean?

I guess you were wondering what does this word mean. Here’s the explaination:

  1. As a noun it means – smart elegance and sophistication especially of dress or manner.
  2. As an adjective it means – chic, fashionable and popular like a new chichi night club.

To put it on an easy way, it means fancy!


Tips and tricks of Hungary, Budapest:

Tricks and swindlers are everywhere in World. The aim of this article is to help you to avoid them:

  1. Never ever change money at the airport, the rate is very high.
  2. Do not use the services of cab drivers who offer you a drive to the city right at the terminal. Use the taxi booth and order yourself a cab!
  3. Do not use free lancer taxis at all. They do not work for any company, it means they can easily over charge you, or take you to ”rip-off” places where they get commision after you.
  4. Change your money at official exchange places: correct change, and star change are the best.
  5. Our bank notes have many zeros, if you pay with a big note, make sure you get back the right amount of change.
  6. We usually do not tip if there is a service charge, otherwise 10-15 % tip is recommended in our country.
  7. If you are looking for a nice meal, definetely avoid the commercial areas, contact Chichi Budapest, and we will help! 😊
  8. Finally what is useful to know is that still water is colored PINK, and sparkling is colored BLUE. It is the other way around! We have a strange GREEN one, which is semi-fizzy…
  9. Words you should know: Szia! (Seeya) – Hello, Köszi. (Kussy) – Thanks, Puszi (Pusy) – Kiss.

anneAbout US

Chi Chi Budapest was founded by Annie Vivien Kocsis, who built her carrier on helping people to organise their ideal holiday or event. Annie’s mission is to connect people with the right service using her local knowledge. Chi Chi is a dedicated lifestyle concierge and management company providing a selection of special services that ranges from travel services to the most bizarre events for our clients. We can help you to enjoy your dream lifestyle, by assisting with everything from everyday organisation to the biggest decisions and most extraordinary events of your life. We can get you in to the most exclusive nightclubs, make an impossible reservation for you at the best restaurant in Budapest, or simply recommend a great way to spend the evening when you are called away on business to a foreign city.